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Natural means less chemicals, more plants.

We are building a community of people that are switching to natural, or going chemical-free. Are you ready to learn more about the benefits natural ingredients can offer for your mind, temple and home? All while sticking to your budget.
A great place to start is My YouTube Channel.
I share tips and resources over there.

Switching To Natural Is Only Challenging When You Try To Do It Alone!

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Meet Nina Pop

Dedicated To Helping DIYers Switch To Natural Ingredients On Any Budget

     I'm an aunt, a Christian, an educator, and a business owner.

I started going natural in 2019 after losing a good friend to cancer.

Since then I have been...
Exposing the harmful ingredients that are found in the products we choose to use daily. They are  affecting our mental health, our environment and silently destroying our bodies.

Becoming Light headed & coughing, every time I cleaned led to me asking "what is causing this?" 

My skin becoming irritated everytime I applied good smelling lotions and washes really had me thinking my skin was just so sensitive.

But it was the Ingredients!
"Wait burning eyes and coughing is not a normal part of cleaning?" No, that's your body rejecting the chemicals to protect you.