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Using natural ingredients such as essential oils. When you started your research maybe you  needed to know if your home was making you sick. I had the same question, and the answer encouraged me to start making my own healthier products or buying them. What about you, do you need help understanding the ingredients that are being used in your everyday products? You're in the right place. I help you replace the not so beneficial ingredients with the good stuff. 

Nina Pop Williams

Dear Chemical-Free Lovers, let's learn natural alternatives and go natural on a budget.

One thing about me, I like simple, quick, affordable options. I built this community to share my reviews and recommendations so we can start a natural lifestyle that works for us. 

Nina Pop Williams

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We wanted to increase our reach, I was amazed by the quality of work and awesome results I received. 

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My husband and I provide handyman services, and had no clue what to post. Now thanks to Nina's social media tips, we are posting consistently.

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I'm an author and had no idea I could re-purpose my videos into blogs, until I spoke with Nina. I'm overall happy with the results.

Jada the Author

Her essential oil book on Amazon, helped me with so many essential oil ideas. I'm making a cleaning product right now.

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Why I Made The Choice To Go Natural?

Health wasn't important to me until I started losing loved ones to cancer. I knew then I had to start making some changes and pay attention to what my body was telling me. Cleaning products made me cough, room sprays made my head hurt, beauty products with fragrance had my skin itching, and the food choices had my face full of break outs. Once I started paying attention, I got scared. You see, I'm no doctor, chemist, or herbalist, I'm just a regular woman like you, trying to live my best life. I chose a more natural approach to my life choices so I can accomplish that. I bought many natural products and started doing reviews, then I started creating a lot of products myself and sharing stories of my journey. I'm not where I want to be, but one thing I've learned is a baby step is still a step.

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