3 Ingredients In Black Hair Products That Cause Cancer

My friend sent me a video of how some of the ingredients that’s in our hair products can be linked to causing cancer. The three ingredients you want to avoid when using hair products is PHTHALATE, PARABENS which are known endocrine disruptors, and nonylphenols.

This was a total shocker to me which led me down a rabbit hole searching for answers and being very glad that I’ve started ditching the chemicals and switching them with non toxic options. With my research I learned what these chemicals actually was doing to our bodies and here is what you need to know.

I Know You Lying!!!

Why are Phthalate bad for us?

Because it can damage the liver, kidney's, lungs and reproductive system.

Why are Parabens bad?

Parabens are a concern for us because its known to disrupt hormone function and it's linked to risking us of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

Nonylphenols and EDC’s

I couldn’t actually figure out what nonylphenols were but I know that these are all endocrine disruptors. EDC’s disturbs the body's hormone balance when we are regularly exposed to this can cause early puberty, preterm birth, fibroid problems, and possibly cancer.

After watching the video, I learned some of the products that have these ingredients in it and created my own video sharing this info. A few kind of hair care products that may have these harmful chemicals are, Frizz control products , leave in conditioner, root stimulators, hair lotion, and relaxers.

What You Put On Your Hair Can Get Into Your Skin

In conclusion remember our skin is our biggest organ it only takes 23 seconds for things to enter into our skin and hit our bloodstream. So overtime the toxins in this world can possibly cause some irreversible damage to our bodies. To learn more about this study and to learn more in depth about the harmful chemicals that black women hair products can contain, I encourage you to read the article on Scientific American by Inga Vesper, it goes way more in depth and it is a really good read.

Tell me down below have you ever noticed these ingredients in your hair products? And let me know, are you making the switch?