How To Start Living A Natural Lifestyle Right Now!

Diary of a Home Detox Specialist

By Nina Pop Williams

Hey Natural Newbie,

I know Living a natural lifestyle can seem so confusing and overwhelming in the beginning, you may even think you have to give up all your smell goods and easy to clean with products. But that wasn’t the case for me, and I hope this natural lifestyle blog will help this not be the case for you as well.

To start off let’s talk about…

What is A Natural Lifestyle Definition?

I’ve done some research because I want to try to figure out what to call this journey I’m on, and I realized that people have slightly different definitions of this.

But basically, the natural lifestyle definition is choosing health. Maybe that looks like exercising or being more conscious of what you eat, educating yourself about what these companies are putting in the products you use, and or choosing safer, cleaner options that will help heal your body and environment.

On “The Go Natural Channel” over on youtube, I shared a more in-depth video on this topic of how to be natural!

Now that we know the definition I wanted to share 10 natural lifestyle tips to help you get started right now.

10 Natural Lifestyle Tips

1. Check Ingredients

I suggest if starting a natural lifestyle one of the first things you can do is check labels. Reading the ingredients on the back of the labels and doing a little research on the side effects of those ingredients can be very helpful.

It’s a few apps out there that help with naturally living. One of my favorites is Think Dirty. It’s free and takes the guesswork out of a lot of the ingredients in my household products. The second is EWG’s Healthy Living app, this really helps if you’re shopping clean and choose more chemical free, natural products.

2. Less Waste

What can you make yourself to keep down waste? The more things you can make in this lifestyle the less waste you will accumulate. See what I did there? Lol. Seriously, get yourself some glass bottles, or reusable containers and jars and start making your own products.

3. Repurpose

Before tossing things in the trash, I challenge you to take a second to see if it can be repurposed and used for something else.

4. Avoid Water Waste

We have to remember to turn the faucet off. When we waste water or use too much of it, it limits clean water for others.

5. Cut Down On Energy Waste

Saving energy reduces water and air pollution.

6. Plant your own food

When we plant and make our own food we know what’s in it. Plus I don’t know about you but for me, it’s therapeutic to see what I can come up with. Living naturally means we have to pay attention to what we’re using, what better way than to see what natural ingredients we can grow. No preservatives, no pesticides, just good ol’ natural, organic, safe food.

7. Switch To Clean Beauty

Check ingredients and avoid things like sulfates, fragrances, phthalates, etc. I created a free downloadable checklist to help you identify some of the others. It’s a really helpful way to learn how to live a natural healthy lifestyle.

8. Chemical Fragrances Are Out

Avoid chemical fragrances, they are possibly linked to so many health concerns. Companies can say fragrance even when it’s a bunch of chemicals mixed together, chemicals that have never even been tested. Clean products can help you avoid these chemicals.

9. Switch To Safe Cleaning Products

Safe cleaning products and honestly just switching to natural products is the easiest way to start living natural. Nontoxic products will make you feel amazing. When I switched it was no more cleaning and coughing, and no more burning eyes. Going natural can possibly even stop those headaches you get after you clean. The best DIY products I researched, tried, and created can be found in this article here, and they are all non-toxic.

10. Take Your Time

When it comes to learning how to live a natural lifestyle and coming up with natural living ideas, it all boils down to taking it day by day. Little changes are key, and do what fits your budget.

What To Do Now...

Using these natural living ideas above I believe they will help you really have a good start on your natural journey. Don’t forget to get your free checklist because that will help too.

So let’s review in this article we discussed what is a natural lifestyle, some tips to start your journey, some advantages to switching to a natural lifestyle, and why switching to a natural lifestyle could be a good thing.

Now, where do you go from here?

Well, I suggest downloading the free checklist, checking out the article on the DIY recipes, and really get into using some natural ingredients such as essential oils, baking soda, white vinegar, peroxide, etc.

Even if diy’s aren’t your thing a good idea is to shop natural options but be careful because somethings that say natural may not be natural.

Remember you can go natural on a budget.

Well, this wraps up this topic, thank you for reading, (to listen to this blog click here) and an even bigger thank you if you subscribed to my youtube channel or used one of my affiliate links in this article to purchase something I suggested.

Much love,

Nina Pop